Traditional Authorities and CSOs

Traditional Authorities (Chiefs and Queen Mothers) and Civil Society Organizations (NGOs, CBOs, Voluntary, Professional and Religious Associations, etc) have a major role to play for formulating, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the DMTDP.  These stakeholders will be encouraged to play important roles in the implementation of the plan. The participation of Traditional Authorities (TAs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the DMTDP implementation and monitoring will add real value to the process itself and its policy outcomes.

Traditional Authorities and CSOs have contacts with the grassroots and are therefore well positioned to express the views and experiences of people whose needs the DMTDP aim to address.  On the whole, TAs and CSOs can contribute to hold District Assembly more accountable and responsible for the delivery of goods and services as well as exposing malpractices and choices do not benefit those whose needs the DMTDP is supposed to address.  TAs and CSOs are therefore to be involved in the various steps of preparing, implementing, and monitoring and evaluation of the DMTDP.


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